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The Julia Ann Andre Memorial Nursing Student Scholarship

It’s very important to The First Coast Neonatal Symposium to show our support for the nursing student community, and especially for those students who may be interested in neonatal nursing. To support this, a scholarship was developed for those students. 

This scholarship is dedicated to Julia Ann Andre, BSN, MSN, an incredible woman who had a long history in the field of neonatology and nursing education in Jacksonville, Florida. She was instrumental in creating pioneering educational opportunities for student nurses in the areas of neonatology, pediatrics and obstetrics. 

After spending several years as a staff NICU nurse, she went on to become a professor at Jacksonville University. At JU, she developed a NICU elective for senior nursing students. She also was involved with CHORES, a medical and educational mission in Grenada, West Indies. 

Julia Ann devoted much of her professional career to enhancing the lives of others and truly loved her work with student nurses. She claimed her proudest moment as an educator was when she had the opportunity to work in the NICU with one of her former students as a colleague. Many former students have followed in her footsteps, becoming instructors and giving Julianne the credit for their inspiration.

We name our neonatal conference scholarship program in honor of Julia Ann and remember her for her dedication to nursing students, neonatal patients and their families over many years of service.

This is a scholarship to attend one day of the Symposium that is awarded to local nursing students via an application process

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